The Great Barrier Reef (eep)

In the words of my father, ‘The Great Barrier Reef is on most people’s bucket list – and you got to check it off!’  I feel so incredibly blessed to be traveling around Australia and visiting new places my eyes haven’t seen. Not a day goes by where I don’t acknowledge how lucky I feel to be experiencing so many things so early on in life. But life is short — and I am determined to cram in as many ‘firsts’ as possible.

We started out the day early, arriving to the marina around 7am to check into our Quicksilver tour and have time to grab a cup of coffee.


Turns out we chose a gorgeous to day to visit the reef, there were barely any clouds in the sky and we had just the perfect amount of wind to catch a comfortable sail out to Low Isles.


Throughout the day we were able water taxi out the island and back, indulge in an all you can eat lunch and were welcomed to all you can drink coffee and tea (dangerous)! We scuba’d for the first half of the day and enjoyed walking around and exploring the island in the evening.








Overall, it was a fantastic tour that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun day on the reef. They even let us take all the left over cheese and crackers for dinner!

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